Facial sculpting treatment in Bangalore
Facial Sculpting

Facial Sculpting Treatment In Bangalore

Always wanted to have that sculpted runway face?

Are your cheekbones hiding under your cheek fat? Are your jowls attracting more attention than your jawline? We are here to help with the latest treatment techniques that will address all such problems.

The youthful face is a series of curves, with the forehead convexity blending into the temples, the under-eye area moving on to the cheeks, and the skin looks tight and shows no lines or wrinkles. With age, there is a loss of supporting fat and bone which causes the loosening skin to sag over the jawline forming jowls. The treatment, therefore, starts at restoring the facial volumes in the mid-cheek and jawline area to tighten the skin. To Know More Click Here

In other patients, there is a hypertrophy of the masseter muscle, which makes the jaw look square. Here, neuromodulator injections are placed deep inside the muscle to reshape the face to a more oval looking face.

In a person with heavy cheeks, it is possible to lift and reposition the cheek fat with simple thread lifts. These treatments improve the skin as well as make the face look slimmer.

The improvement of the lower half of the face can be achieved with the use of anti-wrinkle injections to improve the appearance of the neck and give a sharper and more defined jawline. Threads can be used to support the skin if there is sagging, and the use of injection lipolysis helps to reduce any deposit of fat in the chin area to give an overall pleasing appearance.


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