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Body Peels Treatment

There is a growing awareness that skincare is no longer restricted to the area of the face and neck, and the focus is now slowly shifting to the areas such as the back, shoulders, arms or legs. The importance of these areas is that pigmentation or tanning in these areas take much longer to respond as the skin turnover is slower, making the marks stay much longer than those on the face. Treatment of these areas should always take account that the exfoliation starts slower, and lasts longer than that of the face. The healing takes time, and these areas are prone to delay or poor healing, so peels should be undertaken after education about good skin care including use of ph balanced soap free cleansers, and oral vitamins.

Why are body peels done?

Body peels are done to remove tan, and improve tone or for skin lightening.  Treatments can target the neck, underarms, arms, forearms, back, chest, legs or the feet. These treatments may target problems like acanthosis nigricans or back acne or even keratosis pilaris.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which peels are used for body peels?

Usually, stronger peels such as 50 to 70% Glycolic Acid, Modified Jessner Peel, TCA peel and Retinol peels are used. The duration of application, the number of layers also depends on the extent of skin problem to be treated.

When can I see the results?

Though some improvement can be seen after a single treatment, good improvement needs multiple session with good maintenance in between treatments.

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