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Skin Lightening Treatment In Bangalore

In a tropical country like India, the skin tone of people range from fair to dark brown, and all shades in between. The darker skin types have a higher tendency to tan from excessive sun exposure. The tanning often develops quickly but takes many months to fade away, thus people opt for anti-tan treatments. Multiple factors like friction, vitamin deficiency, micro-injury, acne, etc. can also lead to hyperpigmentation. Thus, skin lightening treatment are a boon for individuals who desire clarity in complexion and even-toned skin.

What are the precautions to avoid tanning?

Avoiding sun exposure is the most basic precaution any individual could take for tan-free skin. One can avoid direct sunlight by covering themselves even on a cloudy day or traveling by car or sitting in the shade. Most sunscreens provide protection from harmful UV radiations, but complete prevention of tan cannot be achieved even with the best sunscreens. However, it is recommended to use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with physical blockers to avoid tanning.

Eating a diet rich in bright-colored fruits and vegetables which contain lycopene and beta carotenes helps to build up sun-protective antioxidants. The application of moisturizers containing vitamin C and ferulic acid helps to minimize the effect of the sun over the skin.

The use of sun-protective gear like hats, full-sleeved clothing, umbrellas, and large sunglasses are recommended to offset the development of the tan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do some people tan more than others?

Tanning or the sun-induced darkening of the skin is a tendency that differs from individual to individual. Mostly, it depends on the primary skin complexion. Thus, the darker individuals are more prone to tanning. Deficiency of vitamins or antioxidants in the body could also make a person tan faster. The inherited tendency of tanning could make a fair person tan easier if one of his/her parents has a darker skin tone.

How can one achieve an even complexion?

The first step of getting an even complexion is to be sun safe. Start by using a broad spectrum sunscreen with physical blockers. This needs to be reapplied every 3 to 4 hours. Apply vitamin C creams along with a skin lightening cream containing arbutin or kojic acid over the darker areas of the body during night time. Oral supplements of vitamin C and medications such as polypodium leukotomies or astaxanthin act as oral sunscreens and are commonly prescribed by dermatologists.

What treatments are recommended to remove tan?

Invest in glycolic acid peels as these treatments remove the tan from the upper layers of the skin. If suggested, deeper peels like TCA and modified Jessner's peel can be added. Retinol peels help to reverse skin damage as well as the tan. Chemical peels take between 3 to 6 treatment to show the significant results, though some results can be seen from the first session. Each skin treatment is performed after a period of at least 15 days.  

If there is no or minimal improvement with peels, or a quick result is desired, a laser toning treatment can be performed. This procedure gives an immediate result without any downtime and can be repeated monthly or quarterly for maintenance.   

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