Tixel Treatment in Bangalore

Tixel Treatment In Bangalore

TIXEL is a new and revolutionary treatment for acne scars and skin rejuvenation using thermal mechanical energy. The technology uses a titanium tip which can be heated to very high temperatures and transfer the heat to the skin within a fraction of a second using a specialized tip to create microthermal zones. This, in turn, stimulates healing of skin and reorganization of scars. TIXEL can also be used to deliver medicines to the deeper layer of the skin.

What is the advantage of TIXEL over Fractional CO2 laser?

TIXEL directly transfers the heat to the skin without causing any charring of the skin which happens with a CO2 laser. This makes the treatment safer and less likely to cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also, because TIXEL does not emit laser, laser safety measures are not needed for the doctor or patient, making the patient feel much less anxious during treatment.


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FAQs About Tixel in Bangalore

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

What is the advantage of TIXEL over fractional Microneedle RF?

TIXEL scores over Microneedle RF as its tip sterilizes itself by heating to 400 degrees, even between two shots of treatment. This makes it very safe. The consumable cost is higher in MNRF making the treatment more expensive than TIXEL treatments in the long run.

However, MNRF has a downtime of only 6 hours when compared to 72 hours in TIXEL. Results are comparable in all three treatments.

What indications benefit from TIXEL treatment?

Treatment of acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as active acne is made simple with TIXEL.

What is the post care treatment?

There is mild redness and swelling for a few hours after treatment. There are tiny scabs which last 72 hours post-treatment.

How often are treatments repeated? When can the results be seen?

As with all acne scar treatments, the TIXEL treatment is repeated once in 4 to 6 weeks. The full results can be seen after completion of the sixth session, however, good improvement can be seen even after a couple of treatments.

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