Subcision Treatment in Bangalore

Subcision Treatment for Scars in Bangalore

Subcision or scarless acne scar surgery helps to release the retaining fibrous strands that hold down the skin leading to the formation of the depressed acne scar. This is a first and important step in any acne scar treatment. A good subcision helps to release the strands and then the subsequent treatments help to lay collagen in this space to allow the scars to become more shallow.

What is the procedure like?

A topical anesthetic numbing cream is applied over the area to be treated. Then using a nokar needle, the cords of dermal fibrosis is cut by moving the needle in sweeping, horizontal motions under the skin. This allows the tethers to break down, releasing the overlying skin.  Deeper scars may need subcision with cannula and injection anesthesia.

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FAQs About Subcision in Bangalore

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Which scars benefit from Subcision?

The rolling scars which disappear on stretching the skin are the scars that benefit most from subcision.

What is the post-procedure care?

There are small bruises which form under the areas which are treated. These are not side effects but have to develop in order for the improvement. These disappear in 3 days to a week after treatment.

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