Growth Factor Treatment

Growth Factor: Treatment and Procedure

What are the growth factors?

Growth factor treatment is an advanced and innovative treatment. In this treatment, the growth factors which are present in the blood are harvested and the acellular concentrate is used for treatment.

How is the procedure done?

About 16 to 20 ml of blood is collected using a special tube. Then the blood is processed to release the growth factors. These are separated by centrifugation and about 4 to 6 ml of growth factor concentrate is obtained. This is then applied to the scalp using dermarollers and microinjection techniques.

Who is an ideal patient for Growth factor treatment?

Growth factor treatment can be done for both men and women. It is ideal for anyone with increased hair fall, or someone who wants improved hair thickness or strengthening of the hair shafts. Growth factor treatment can also help regain lost hair volume and stimulate regrowth of lost hair.

Is the Growth factor treatment safe?

Yes. The Growth factor treatment is very safe as it uses the factors from one’s own blood. The treatment is done by maintaining a fully sterile environment that minimizes any chance of infection or allergy.

When can I see results?

Reduction in hair loss is seen even after the first session. The regrowth is appreciated after the 3rd session and monthly treatments are continued till the full results are obtained.

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