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Freckles Treatment in Bangalore

Freckles or sunspots are tiny, brown or black pigments present over the face, especially on cheeks, nose, neck and, arms. These spots are formed in response to sun exposure or UV radiation. These are usually genetic and are commonly seen in patients with fair complexion. In some people, freckles are fewer in number and do not cause any visible pigmentation. However, in others, these may cover up the whole face.

Why do only some people get freckles?

Freckles are usually inherited as a genetic tendency, and is very common in people with red hair. However, it can be seen in other fair complexion individuals as well. Freckles usually occur due to chronic UV radiation or sun exposure and may become more prominent after a period of intense sun exposure like a beach holiday. These spots are formed by the increased deposition of melanin, produced by melanocytes which are present in the basal layer of the epidermis. The location of the freckles makes it resistant to topical creams as these are present deep underneath the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get rid of freckles completely?

Any treatment for freckles will help to lighten the pigmentation, however, the recurrent exposure to the sun will cause the freckles to recur. A significant improvement can be found in the appearance of freckles after a laser treatment. Some maintenance treatments are recommended once a year to keep the results intact.

Can the application of sunscreen prevent freckles?

Using a broad spectrum sunscreen will definitely help prevent recurrence of freckles. However, slight recurrence of freckles can be managed with regular laser treatments.

Does skin lightening creams help in dealing with freckles?

The location of the freckles is deep in the epidermis layer, which is closer to the dermis. This makes it difficult for skin lightening creams to work on them.

How does Q YAG laser treat freckles?

The Q YAG laser is a specific laser treatment that targets pigment. The size of the target determines the spot size of the laser; so there is no damage to any other cells besides the pigmented ones. The laser targets only the pigment and does not damage the epidermis. Q YAG Laser treatment is non-ablative and is even safe on colored skin tones.

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