Double Chin Reduction

Anyone who has ever taken a selfie will tell that one looks better when the camera is held above the eye level. This is because the chin is often the give away region for weight gain or sagging when it shows up as a double chin. The details of how one can address double chin problem are discussed below.

What causes a double chin?

Often, any person with a double chin thinks that it is because of fat deposition. When many times, fat is to blame, the double chin can also be seen in relatively thin or fit individuals when they have a small chin or after weight loss when there is sagging of skin.
During the consultation, the dermatologist will try and understand which type of double chin is present before recommending treatment. In some patients, one can also see a combination of problems, so the solutions also have to combined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The spot treatment of double chin caused by fat deposition is a simple and effective treatment. However, patients will be encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to get the optimum results.

A medicine called deoxycholate is effective in the treatment of localised deposits of fat. In this treatment, small quantities of deoxycholate are injected into the problem area so that the fat is melted inside the cells, and then removed naturally through the lymphatic circulation of the body.

This treatment can also be used over the stomach fat, saddle bag areas and outer thighs to help reduce the fat layers. The treatment provides uniform and long term improvement in the figure.

After cleansing the skin, the dermatologist applies a numbing cream over the treatment area. Then the dexoycholate medicine is injected into the fat using very fine needles called mesoneedles. The treatment is quick and takes only 5 to 10 mins. Post treatment, cooling or ice is applied to the area to help to reduce discomfort if any. The patient can return to work in 1 hour after the procedure.

Treatments are repeated 3 to 4 times at monthly intervals. Usually improvement is seen after the second session and maximum improvement is seen 6 weeks after the final session.

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