Dermaroller for Hair loss treatment
Dermaroller for Hair loss treatment

Dermaroller For Hairfall

Hair is a marker of youth. Thick hair and good volume is associated with good looks and good health. Loss of hair can be depressing and socially demoralizing as well as lead to low self esteem. The current trends of early and premature hair thinning has been attributed to the changing lifestyles and stress which brings young adults to the dermatologists looking for solutions to their thinning pate. Medical treatments such as Minoxidil often give only partial results. So the search for an additional treatment has lead to the development of dermaroller treatments.

What are dermaroller treatments?

Dermarollers is a tool to help address and arrest the hair thinning in Male and Female pattern balding. This is a therapy which gives proven results in helping to increase the density of the hair as well as regain thickness even in patients who are not responding to medical treatments for hair loss.

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