Is Double Chin Removal Possible Using HIFU?

Is Double Chin Removal Possible Using HIFU?

The beauty and aesthetics industry has been working continually to bring breakthrough treatments for people seeking advanced solutions for a well-sculpted, youthful appearance. One such innovative solution is HIFU which targets reducing the stubborn fat deposits, including the submental fat that leads to a double chin. But, is HIFU living up to its hype of double chin removal? In this blog, you will learn about HIFU treatment in Bangalore and its effectiveness in addressing the double chin dilemma with the expert insights shared by dermatologist and skin expert, Dr. Rasya Dixit.   

Understanding the Double Chin Problem

A double chin caused by an accumulation of stubborn fat in the submental region is a common cosmetic concern nowadays. It can be a result of a variety of reasons including weight gain, genetics, facial and neck skin ageing, and poor lifestyle habits. Usually, people try to reduce their double chin by going for a weight-loss diet plan and facial exercises targeting the chin. But diet and exercise do not deliver the desired results in every case.

What is HIFU?

HIFU or High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment wherein focused ultrasound waves of high intensity are used to thermally destroy the diet and exercise-resistant subcutaneous fat layer. Unlike its alternative option liposuction, this therapy does not require any making of incisions, use of anaesthesia, or lengthy recovery. Instead, only a HIFU device is moved over the target area and the power of ultrasound energy is utilised to selectively heat and destroy the fat cells.   

Can HIFU help remove a double chin?

HIFU is a safe, effective, and promising approach available for double chin concerns. It can work best for double chin removal in Bangalore. It can be considered as a part of facial or body sculpting with HIFU.

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Mechanism of Action

The HIFU device used for double chin reduction in Bangalore emits focused high-intensity ultrasound energy at a depth of 4 to 4.5mm beneath the skin of the chin region. This ultrasound energy gets converted into thermal energy which creates controlled thermal injury points within the submental fat tissues, thereby disrupting the fat cells. Over a few weeks of the fat cell disruption caused by heat generated by ultrasound waves, the destroyed fat cells are gradually eliminated from the treated region by the body’s natural metabolic processes, thereby reducing the double chin and improving jawline contour. The heat generated from the ultrasound waves also stimulates collagen production in the skin which further rejuvenates the jawline.

What happens during the HIFU treatment session for double chin?

Before commencing HIFU sculpting, the therapist thoroughly cleanses the candidate’s chin and surrounding neck regions. Next, the therapist applies a special gel, similar to the one used for an ultrasound scan. After pouring the gel on the chin and neck of the candidate, the therapist places the HIFU device. The settings of the HIFU device for the intensity and amount of delivery of ultrasound waves are made as per the extent or thickness of the build-up of submental fat. The ultrasound waves only penetrate the skin of the target area and do not harm the healthy, surrounding skin.

A single session of double chin removal with HIFU lasts for anywhere between half an hour and an hour and is performed without anaesthesia. For more details, consult Dr. Rasya Dixit, double chin removal doctor in Bangalore.

Before and After Double Chin Removal with HIFU

  • Before treatment- In the initial consultation, the skin doctor in Bangalore, Dr. Rasya Dixit will carefully examine the chin to confirm suitability for HIFU treatment. Also, the therapist will determine the exact measurements to work on and the intensity of waves required as well as the number of HIFU sessions that would be required to remove the double chin. To prepare for the HIFU session, the candidate must keep the therapist informed about any illnesses, recent treatments, lifestyle habits, and intake of any medications. Intake of fatty and salty foods must be avoided before the HIFU session.    
  • After treatment- Following the HIFU treatment in Bangalore, the candidate must drink plenty of water or fluids daily. The candidate must not go swimming or use saunas for a few days. Furthermore, it is recommended to keep the facial skin clean and unexposed to very hot and cold environments as well as to avoid scratching or massaging the chin after the treatment.

The Efficacy and Expectations of HIFU for Double Chin Removal

Every candidate who goes for HIFU treatment for a double chin can expect varied treatment outcomes or efficacy. Some candidates may see visible improvements following one HIFU session while others may need to undergo multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. The candidates can expect to experience gradual improvements in the appearance of the chin and jawline throughout 2-3 treatments after getting treated with HIFU, as the body naturally gets rid of the stubborn fat cells.

How successful is HIFU treatment for double chin?

The success of HIFU treatment for double chin can be different for every candidate. It can be influenced by the following factors:

  • Unique chin anatomy- The extent of reduction in double chin appearance is determined by the amount of submental fat the candidate has and the skin’s elasticity.
  • Number of HIFU sessions- Some candidates might need multiple sessions to achieve the desired treatment outcome.
  • Lifestyle- Healthy lifestyle habits like having a healthy, balanced diet and regularly exercising can help candidates maintain the desired results of the treatment for the long term, even for the rest of their lives.
  • Age- Young candidates have better skin elasticity than older candidates and so would experience more dramatic improvements in a few sessions.
  • Aftercare- When candidates follow the therapist-recommended post-treatment instructions and practise a good skincare regimen, the results of HIFU double chin removal therapy come out to be the best.

Am I the Right Candidate for Double Chin Removal using HIFU?

HIFU double chin sculpting is suitable for anyone having accumulated subcutaneous fat under the chin or minor looseness of the skin of the lower face or upper neck.

The non-suitable candidates are:

  • People aged below 30 years and above 75 years
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • People suffering from diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and endocrine or lymphatic system disorders
  • Individuals who have active skin allergies, warts, or herpes in the chin or neck region.

Benefits of HIFU Treatment for Double Chin Removal in Bangalore

  • Non-invasive approach
  • Contours jawline while reducing double chin
  • 100% safe
  • No age restrictions
  • No use of anaesthesia or making of incisions
  • No wounds on the skin or scars
  • No downtime
  • No serious risks or side effects.

Are you tired of hiding your double chin? Consult now Dr. Rasya Dixit for more details on the effective treatments for double chin removal and cost of double chin removal treatment in Bangalore.