How Effective is Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism?

How Effective is Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism?

Unwelcome, excessive hair growth is a common cosmetic concern. Extra hair on the body or face (known as Hirsutism in medical terms) can be a symptom of an underlying medical or hormonal condition. In such a case traditional hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, and plucking only serve as temporary solutions. In addition, people with hirsutism are recommended anti-androgen medications, Vitamin E and B6 supplements, and diet modifications to fight the effects of hirsutism.

Laser hair removal is the most effective, long-term treatment for hirsutism with additional support of medications, supplements, and changes in diet. In this blog, everything you need to know about hirsutism is provided by Dr. Rasya Dixit, Best Doctor for Skin Laser Treatment at Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic. It even explores laser hair removal in Bangalore as a treatment for hirsutism.

What is Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a medical condition characterised by excessive hair growth on different parts of the body and face, which normally have sparse hair growth or no hair growth at all. Mostly, hirsutism affects the stomach, chest, face, legs, back, and buttocks.

The condition is mainly seen in women or people assigned female at birth. Females with hirsutism show excessive growth of dark, coarse hair in a male-like pattern. Particularly in females, hirsutism is one of the distressing conditions that makes them anxious and self-conscious about their looks. 

What causes Hirsutism?

Hirsutism can be the result of either an excess of androgen hormones or an unusual stimulation of the hair follicles. Androgens like testosterone are hormones responsible for a male’s sexual characteristics. Thus, androgen excess contributes to hirsutism in females.

Another cause of hirsutism is the side effects of certain medications such as oestro-gen, cyclosporine, and oral and topical steroids known to induce hormone production.

Hirsutism is also caused by an underlying medical condition that relies on androgen-stimulating medications. This includes conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), compromised thyroid, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and anorexia. 

Hirsutism Treatment: Laser Hair Removal

If every other hirsutism treatment does not work, a cosmetic long-term solution is laser hair removal in Bangalore. Laser hair removal is an advanced hair removal option wherein pulsed light is focused on the unwanted hair at the follicles to significantly reduce hair growth by up to 90%.

Laser is an unparalleled resort for Hirsutism patients who aren’t satisfied with the results of alternative therapies. It is appropriate for all cases, whatever the cause of hirsutism may be.

With laser hair removal, Hirsutism patients do not have to worry about the constant upkeep of their hair. They can easily manage their overgrown hair. If they undergo multiple laser hair removal sessions, their hair growth may get diminished over time.   

Different types of lasers that work best for treatment of hirsutism patients include:

  • 694 nm ruby laser
  • 755nm long-pulsed alexandrite laser
  • 1064 nm Q-switched Nd: YAG laser
  • 800 nm diode laser.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal makes use of laser technology that is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses specific light wavelengths to thermally damage the hair follicles. Here the term “selective” means the laser light won’t affect the skin's outermost layer- the epidermis.

When laser light hits the targeted hair follicles, the melanin (coloured pigment) in the hair absorbs the light. This light energy gets converted into thermal energy which effectively damages the hair follicles and inhibits future hair growth. The hair follicles only get damaged by heat if they are actively growing. At a particular instant, every hair follicle does not fall under the same phase of the hair growth cycle. That’s why, multiple laser hair removal sessions are needed after every 4-6 weeks to heat damage all the unwanted hair follicles and achieve optimal results.    

Initially, after a laser hair removal session, the hair grows lighter and thinner in diameter, thereby not giving the impression of excessive hair growth. Hirsutism patients would need touch-up sessions once or twice a year after getting significant hair reduction by laser.

How Effective is Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism?

As compared to alternative treatments, laser hair removal is very advantageous for hirsutism patients. Laser hair removal is most suitable for the treatment of idiopathic hirsutism patients having normal androgen levels. It promises for 80-90% loss of hair regrowth ability. This may be exactly the treatment outcome, people with hirsutism would need for easier maintenance of their hair and boost in self-confidence.

One of the key reasons why laser hair removal is the best hair removal method is that it comes with minimal to no risk of skin irritation or damage caused by shaving and even minimal discomfort from stubble growth.

As laser hair removal provides long-lasting results, there are no monthly hassles of repeated treatments. This saves one’s money and time. Thus, laser hair removal is a cost-effective, quick, long-term treatment for hirsutism patients.  

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Anyone can undergo laser hair removal as this new-age treatment works regardless of one’s hair colour, gender, and skin tone. The procedure does have some contraindications, most of which are temporary. For example, pregnant women cannot undergo laser hair removal. 

Things to do Before the First Laser Hair Removal Session

Before getting laser hair removal done, initial consultation with the professional is needed to communicate personal medical history and get an estimate of treatment price and duration. During the initial consultation, the laser technician will do a patch test to ensure the candidate reacts well to the treatment and experiences no unwanted side effects.

Before laser hair removal, the targeted area needs to be shaved and made free of any moisturiser/cream. Sun tanning or damage must be avoided too. At least 10 days before the session, the candidate must refrain from sun exposure as this may make the skin photosensitive to laser treatment.

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