Don’t live with Acne Scars, get them treated!

Don’t live with Acne Scars, get them treated

As acne is the most common skin problem, it wouldn't be wrong to say that acne scars are the second most common problem. Acne in many cases goes away on its own. But unfortunately, it does not work the same way for acne scars. Many people often try to hide their visible acne scars with makeup and cosmetics. These methods are only temporary and often cause further damage to skin health.

Consulting a dermatologist can help one to get rid of acne scars. Thankfully, we have available several acne scars treatments in Bangalore.

The human body naturally tries to heal skin after the acne lesions by producing collagen fibers. The acne cysts damage the skin tissues that cannot be replaced by normal healing. As the severe acne subsides, it leaves permanent indentations or changes in skin texture called acne scars.

Now, talking about Acne Scar Treatments in Bangalore, one can avail of the most advanced and effective dermatological treatments at Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, Bangalore.

There are many treatments available to reduce the appearance of scars to a great extent. Sometimes a blend of treatments might be required for the patient where the damage is severe. However, all treatments would not result in the same natural look that the patient had before but can help to significantly improve the appearance of scars.

Dr. Rasya Dixit is one of the best skin specialists in Bangalore for acne scar reduction treatment.

The following are some popular methods to treat acne scarring:

1. Chemical peels for atrophic scars
The peels help to resurface the skin with the use of chemicals (such as salicylic or glycolic acids) that exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin. 
There are varieties of peels available, depending upon the skin condition and expected results, such as:

  • Superficial peel - It makes use of alpha and beta hydroxyl chemicals to remove skin epidermis.
  • Medium peel - It removes epidermal and dermal layers of skin by chemical agents such as glycolic acid and TCA.
  • Deep peel - It targets the lower dermal layer with chemicals, and the deep peel treatment must be performed by a dermatologist for safe and best results.The peels work by breaking the scar pigmentation, boost collagen production at the target site, and offer a smooth and refreshed look. Anyone wanting to get chemical peels treatment in Bangalore can visit Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic. 

2. Microneedling for atrophic scars
In this treatment, scars are punctured with microneedles that penetrate 0.5 to 1mm in depth inside the skin to form small injuries or wounds. This creates tiny pockets for natural healing by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers production. These fibers are a part of connective tissue that provides great strength and flexibility to the skin. Thus, the skin becomes smooth, thereby minimizing the blemishes as collagen production is the target and the filing of the scars takes place. The areas that can be treated are the neck, face, and chest.

A combination of both the above-mentioned treatments can deliver better results. One can opt for micro-needling first to heal the deep scarring and later use chemical peels to make the skin appear more youthful and clear.

3. Laser Treatment for Scars in Bangalore
This method uses laser beam heat to treat acne scars. The laser heat boosts collagen production and helps fill in the scars and ultimately provides the desired smooth skin texture.

Other treatments like fractional CO2 laser, fractional microneedling radiofrequency treatment, TCA cross, TIXEL, dermal fillers, a combination of dermatosurgery treatments such as punch excision and punch elevation are also provided at the clinic to cure acne scars.

Hypertrophic and keloid scar treatment in Bangalore is also provided by Dr. Rasya Dixit using silicone gels and cryosurgery.

The best method to prevent acne scars is to treat acne early and well. Whether it is acne that is troubling you or acne scars; only a dermatologist can provide an apt solution to skin problems. So, do not hesitate and visit your nearest dermatologist for the right advice.