PRP Skin Rejuvenation

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is the buzz word in the anti-aging world. These treatments which use the patient's own platelets derived from the blood, enhance the ability of the skin to rejuvenate itself, making it a very natural treatment. PRP was first discovered by orthopedicians and used extensively in healing bone injuries. It gained popularity in the cosmetic industry as dermatologists started to use it to heal ulcers and scars. Now, it is used extensively in anti-aging procedures and is popularised by Hollywood celebrities as the Vampire Facial. Let us learn more about this versatile anti-aging treatment.

How is PRP useful?

The platelets are a type of cell in our blood which contains plenty of growth factors. The work of the platelet is to initiate healing after an injury by releasing these various growth factors. When blood is centrifuged, it separates into the cell component and the plasma. The platelets being smaller in size are found suspended in the plasma and are called Platelet Rich Plasma. This component is then injected into the skin to cause healing.

Since PRP is derived from one’s own blood, and no additives are added during its preparation, it is a very safe treatment. Studies have shown that PRP shows significant improvement in hair loss (both in men and women), non-healing ulcers, skin pigmentation, dark circles, acne scars, and non-surgical facelifts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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The platelet of PRP is derived from your own blood, and no additional products are added to it. The effectiveness of the product is its biological and natural activity. This makes PRP a natural and safe alternative to wrinkle filler injections.

Platelets are one of the natural sources of growth factors. Its use has been proven in orthopedic medicine where it has been used extensively during surgery for bones. The use of PRP in hair made waves when the first report of PRP for the treatment of Male Pattern Hair Loss was known. Since then, there have been many studies which shows that PRP makes a significant change in the metabolism of the skin and hair and can be used effectively in various skin conditions like hair loss, both in men and women, non-surgical face lifting, dark circles under the eye, stretch marks, non-healing skin ulcers and so on. However, the results of the PRP and the number of sessions needed for improvement depends on the severity of the skin condition at the time of starting the treatment.

There are different methods of preparation of PRP, some of which use different systems or kits for the harvesting of PRP. No one kit has shown a great advantage over the other regarding the yield of PRP.

However, sometimes, Platelet Rich Plasma gel is used. This is made by activating the platelets so they form a gel, which is used in the place of a wrinkle filler injection. Platelet-rich fibrin, which is the white clot of platelets, is used in non-healing skin ulcers as a dressing.

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